The 43′ Vertical

  1. My observations about the 43′ Vertical
  2. Articles & Analysis of the 43′ Vertical
  3. Ground systems
  4. Useful Vendors & Products to Enhance Your Experience
  5. Sample costs of the 43′ Vertical

1. I first installed a 43′ vertical in 2011. It was meant to augment a low ZS6BKW G5RV antenna.  My initial observations at the time indicated the antenna was a substantial improvement for DX work on 80-40-30-20 owing to the low angle radiation.  Looking back now, I’d say my logs for 40m show the biggest improvements in contest environments.  I could run and hold a frequency on 40m in a large DX contest.

On 160m,  I was hearing Europe (not audible on the G5RV) and I was able to extend my range slightly on the band.  If you look at the WX7G article below, you can see the loss for the system on 160m is staggering.

My initial installation included about 125′ of LMR-400 and perhaps 24 radials of black jacketed 14 AWG solid conductor household wire.

2. Articles & Analysis of the 43′ Vertical

Article and Analysis by WX7G

Summary:   Good radiation angle up through 15m.  Poor on 12m and 10m.   Lower system losses by using an UNUN.  80 and 160m will benefit the most from a good ground system.

High ground losses can result in improved SWR.  Thus, if your direct SWR looks better than this chart, you could have some serious issues


Presentation by K9YC

Summary:  Difficult to match on all bands, requires excellent radial system.  Not good on high bands owing to high angle radiation.

Presentation #2 by N0CU.

3.  Ground Systems

Article by K3LC

Article by N6LF

How to generate maximum gain from radial system