Station Change & Maintenance Log

June 2021
AL-811 died – needs to be serviced
HAL-1200 enters service
New 160/80/40m Inverted L – 128′ feet with balun

15 January 2021
My PCs can’t keep good time. I use old Dell laptops with Windows 7 and I was constantly manually updating the time for FT8 syncs. Downloaded Dimension 4 and the problem has instantly corrected and will never be an issue again. The program syncs with official military time sources available on the web. Nice addition!

13 January 2021
I added a WinKeyer to one of the two IC-7300s. My PC was generating erratic CW, it’s now been outsourced to the WinKeyer and is working well

10 January 2021
QRO King has rebuilt Drake L7 power supply top to bottom.

29 December 2020
Ordered 811 replacement tubes (x4) for AL-811 Amp.

27 December 2020
Installed new ventilation fans in the basement shack

24 December 2020
Wound new coil to make 43′ vertical tunable on 160m. Coil worked fine…first QSO was with Ireland!