Alinco DX-SR8T

  1.  Why did I buy this radio?

I bought this radio because it’s inexpensive and I’m a bit of a rogue, I like to do things a little differently, but here are my reasons.

For me, I see it a long term back up rig. I was hoping it could be my second radio in RTTY contests or leave it on 20m FT8 full time.  I did not want to spend cash right now on a radio, when my antennas need as much work as they do.  So I’m investing in outdoor hardware before indoor hardware.  I’ve always done it the other way around.

But I also think it’s a greater starter rig.  You can inexpensively get on HF as the radio is widely available for around $500.  For another $100, you can get a good power supply.  For another $100, you get a Tigertronics Signalink and get on RTTY, FT8.  Thus, you’re getting a multi-mode radio for around $800.  There are, however, much better radios out there with all the bells and whistles.  For instance, the Icom 7300 will get you substantially more features out of the box for around $900 and has a built in antenna tuner, a spectrum scope and is PC ready for RTTY/FT8.

I also like the large display of the Alinco and I also like the possibility remotely mount this large display.

I am interested in seeing if it holds up mechanically and electrically to heavy use.  Radio reliability is 100% the future criteria for my shack.  I’ve own lots of Yaesu products -like the FT1000, FT2000,  FT857, FT920 and all of them died except the FT920.  I feel fairly certain that Yaesu won’t be the future direction.