A Gallery of Thanks

I can not possibly remember everyone who helped me and encouraged me on the journey.  For many I can see the faces,  I can reach out and nearly grab a story or a memory but much has been forgotten.  There are, however, many I remember and it gives me happiness to mention them now.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and not thanking people that helped me is one of the biggest.


N1SG  – introduced me to CW, invited me over

W1ZIZ –  Harvey, did a lot to make Ham Radio in Manchester, N.H. accessible to me through his newsletters and emails

K1ATL – a neighbor in NH that would take the time to work me as a teenager on 15m CW

N1SMB – a friend and source of co-inspiration.  We’ve been creating callsign confusion ever since

N1HKO – hosted ARRL Sweepstakes at his house.  A seminal moment,  I was hooked

KB1SO – I don’t remember how I got hooked up with Ray, KB1SO and his neighbor Bruce,

W1GQ for three glorious years of M/M action.

K1RX – Mark invited me to his M/M station and it was a wonderful experiece


N0TG  -introduced me to DXpeditions and got me on a real one, Sable Island

K3WWP – a constant source of inspiration,  John maintains a low power