Upcoming Contests & Station Work

I’ve been getting the station in gear for a serious effort (by my standards and for my equipment limitations) for the WPX contest.   Reviewing the rules, the focus is pretty simple.  Work anybody, anywhere but there are some special caveats that apply to my situation vis-a-vis making a high score.

  • Focus on Europe on 40m.  I’m the loudest here on this band and can reliably EU and hold a frequency (in any contest except CQ WW DX CW).  These QSOs are worth 6 points.(on 20m they are worth 3).
  • Canadians on 40m/80m/160m. There are lots of easy to work, strong Canadians east of Ontario.  They are worth 4 points.
  • Maximize operating time on 40m for EU (my sunset and their sunrise).  Numerous years of operating have taught me that the final 3 hours of the contest are very important for me on 40m.  The herd has thinned and if conditions are OK, I can put together a good run
  • Maximize operating time on 20m in the late mornings, early afternoons  – I’m at my worst when 20m just opens up.  I don’t have the low angle, high power combination to make this productive.
  • Don’t DX or even chase mults.  I can waste a lot of time in hopeless pileups.  For me, these are pileups on a North-South general path – where my local topography and low power are a losing combination.
  • Related to above,  I saw an idea from a K5ZD Contest University presentation to use VFO/memories of the radio to store stations to revisit while in S & P mode.  See the presentation.

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