Station Work – What are your goals?

Being home in quarantine gives one a lot of time to think about future plans for the station.

My plans are coalescing now around a few key ideas I’d like to get done by October:

  • Get as loud as possible.  More contacts = more fun
    • Improve all band vertical with addition of new radials
    • Bring back 20m Delta Loop
    • Bring back DX-LB Dipole for 160-40
    • Purchase all AL-811 amplifier.  I’ve used these before.  They are cheap enough and reliable enough.
    • Get two permanently mounted RCS-4 boxes in the backyard to allow for expansion to 8 antennas:
      • 43′ All band vertical
      • 66′ 80m vertical
      • Phased 40m verticals  NE/SW
      • DX-LB 160-40m Inverted V at 40′  NE/SW
      • 20m/10m Delta Loop at 40′
      • 80m NVIS end fire wire at 8′
    • This is a setup that historically got it done for me back in 2011.
  • Get as automated as possible
    • IC7300 to become main radio and easily works with computer with just a USB cable


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