40m Early Net for the Century Club

I worked the 3905 40m Early Net on 7268 tonight.  Conditions were up and down right from the beginning.  I was hearing the NCS KG8WL at 40+ over S9 in the beginning by the 0245 he was down to S3.  I was able to make a few contacts, including KF7HNC (Oregon), WA1LNY (MA), NE0A (MO), W1PEF (NH), KN4EUK (FL), AA0ZP (NE).

To get membership in the club, you need to get 100 points on one band/mode combo. So by my count I got 5 points each for NE0A and AA0ZP.  This brings my total to 15 points.  I think the net is a pretty friendly group of people.  Everyone stays pretty relaxed on the net: exchange single reports, respect everyone then exchange QSLs. It’s a decent way to pass the time

Generally, I felt like I was hearing a lot better than others were hearing me.  Maybe in a week or so, I’ll get an Ameritron AL-811 amp going to get a little more juice.

On Monday, I’m going to be adding some radials to try and eek out a few DBs.  I’ve only got about 5 radials out that I was able to pull from the mud.  I’ve got the DX Engineering radial plate coming on Monday. It should really help me get the 43′ vertical sorted.  Also on Monday,  I’ll be using a new desktop microphone.  The hand mic I’m using is a little flat and unresponsive,  I’m hoping the desktop mic will pack a little more punch.


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