FT8 – It’s Great

I finally got around to trying FT8 after getting some encouragement from my friend, Randy N0TG.

FT8 seemed natural for me, as I enjoy RTTY a lot and using my computer to point and click my way through QSOs is actually something I enjoy.

I had a Tigertronics Signalink that sat unused in it’s box for a few years.  I used that with my Alinco SR8T.  It’s not an ideal set up as the Alinco does not have a data port, instead I have to rely on using a patch cable via the microphone jack.  What does this mean?  I’ll need to plug and unplug the FT8 gear and that I don’t have computer-radio synchronization.  Either way – these things are not essential and I pressed on and downloaded the WSJT-X software I needed to drive the Signalink. Net net everything was pretty easy to set up.  There are some good videos on YouTube to help you get started.

Using Remote Desktop I can easily access my ham shack anywhere and FT8 is an easy mode to utilize in this set up.  It was a nice addition to my setup as I don’t always want to be down in the basement ham shack.

Day 1 QSOs.  Thanks to everyone that made it happen today:


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