CQ WPX SSB Part 1 – Day 1, March 28, 2020

I’m in the midst of my Coronavirus ham radio lockdown challenge  So when the WPX contest started last night I figured I’d get on.  My brand new (and very modest) station was ready for the action.


I found my way back on line because I can’t stand being on a screen 24×7 for work, for entertainment, for talking to my friends.  Ham radio was another dimension and occassionally bland ham radio talk was better than a) political talk and b) virus talk.

Anyway back to WPX.   Conditions were rough for the tiny station but I was able to make some contacts.  One station I worked was Ric, WO4O, an old favorite of mine.  I don’t still have the logbook but Ric is from my ham golden time when I was new on HF.  During this period, I remember several of the first stations I worked (WO4O, W9MYZ, KA4RRU)

I managed about 80 contacts in the first day in a few hours of operating with the majority on 20m (41).  Add in 29 more on 80m and the balance on 40m.   It was a good reminder of how brutal a SSB contest is with 100w and really limited antennas.  But I was still entertained and pleased my signal made it to Belarus for EW6W.

While I was tuning around listening for the contest I caught a part of a conversation this afternoon on the local 146.625 repeater.  Joe, N1DQF was talking about how their had been a larger than normal group on 160m. It supported what I was feeling:  there could be a ham radio boom from the lockdown.


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